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Penny Partnerships

Our tech-driven platform offers a dependable finance solution to the underserved micro and small business community.

By not basing lending approval on factors like minimum turnover, trading history or available collateral, we are uniquely positioned to offer UK SMEs a flexible loan alternative to boost their cash flow position. 

Through our partnership programme you can bring the power of Penny to your customers and help more businesses secure the working capital they need to thrive.

Boosting business, building futures

Over the past few years, invoice finance has experienced the largest increase in SME awareness of all debt-finance products. 

With many business owners deterred from applying for commercial finance by cost, debt concerns and fear of rejection, Penny brings a low-risk, accessible form of funding to the market that small businesses can trust.

Facility type
  • Free account setup

  • No monthly / annual membership fees

  • On-demand spot factoring access

Funding terms
  • 100% invoice value for one fee + VAT

  • Invoices from £500 - £200,000

  • Payment terms up to 90 days

Eligible businesses
  • Limited companies and sole traders

  • HMRC registered in England or Wales

  • B2B transactions


Developed to serve the underserved micro & small biz community

An incubator for full-book invoice finance

Penny has become a popular alternative for UK SMEs initially seeking unsecured business loans. 

Our unrestrictive qualifying criteria means we are able to offer a second course of action for companies that fall outside of traditional funding eligibility requirements. 

And by offering a non-contractual model, we enable clients to trial spot factoring before venturing forward to full-book invoice finance.

Penny Connect | Seamless partner integration

We offer financial intermediaries a number of ways to integrate Penny within their ecosystem.

Our latest solution, Penny Connect, is an embeddable widget that offers no code integration for easy setup.


Through Penny Connect, lending platforms can seamlessly connect with the Penny network without undertaking complex API integrations. 

  • Valuable insights through analytics data

  • Bespoke onboarding journey for clients

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