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On-demand invoice finance for recruiters

Get money into your business fast with the industry experts

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Freedom to achieve your goals

Now you’ve taken the leap from working for someone else to running your own recruitment business, you need make sure your cash flow matches your talent!


You’ll need the funds to pay yourself, pay your workers and invest in growth. But as a startup, your finance options may be limited.


Penny Recruitment+ offers instant, on-demand invoice funding for recruitment startups, providing all the financial flexibility and support you need to succeed.

We love to say yes!

With Penny there are no credit checks, minimum funding thresholds, personal guarantees or binding contracts.


It’s just a really easy way to get cash into your business.


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Your very own finance team

Most of the construction businesses we work with are repeat clients. They use Penny regularly because it’s like having a kick-ass finance team in their corner.


You get instant access to your invoice income while Penny’s experienced team does all the chasing and credit control.

You're in the driving seat

Penny puts you in complete control of your cash flow whether you are at home, in the office or on the move.


Create and finance invoices easily on our unique online platform.


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