Move over banks, it's time for a better way to fund businesses.

Get an unlimited business funding account from Penny and withdraw funds whenever you want

No credit check nonsense or unfair criteria to pass, just access to all the cash flow you need to supercharge your success.


Withdraw money from your funding account by exchanging unpaid invoices for instant funds.

No credit checks, no personal guarantees,  just a smarter way to manage cash flow.

Withdraw 100% of your unpaid invoice amount with now monthly fees or subscriptions.

*Cash advance funding is unlimited & on demand, subject to qualifying invoice verification.

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No chat bots here, our awesome team of experts are here to support you every step of the way.

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Think of it like an unlimited overdraft that automatically manages all your invoice admin.


Video, because who can be bothered to read.

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We don't charge any interest, set up or monthly fee's but we do deduct an admin fee when you withdraw from your funding facility.

The admin fee is dependent on the invoices you upload, our average fee is 2.5%,  Fee's are shown clearly before you make a withdrawal, if you don't like it, don't do it.

Michael Birch

Dom and Andrew are fantastic to work with. Great communications, good follow ups, honest and considerate. 


4.89 Rating

Amma Sohil

A class product, I put through all my clients and can instantly find out which ones I can finance. it's so simple

Frederick H

Nice interface and easy to create invoices. UK team to talk to and clear communication of payments.

David Taylor

Very helpful and straight to the point, would recommend to anyone who requires cash flow assistance.