About us.

We're shaking up UK finance by giving businesses the instant, flexible cash flow they need to thrive.

Our vision.

The vision for Penny comes from years of working with small businesses and the self-employed, encountering time and and time again the frustration of maintaining a regular income stream while waiting for invoices to be paid.

In our ideal world,  no business would ever fail, or compromise its growth,  purely due to to negative cash flow.  That's a bold vision, but we know we can make it happen.

Our mission.

Old school banking and finance products simply don't serve a huge majority of UK independent businesses.

Our mission is to give every UK business an easy cash facility to draw down as and when they need to. This stays with them for life and grows with them, making them masters of their fate when it comes to cash flow.

Why we exist.

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Penny exists to help businesses of all shapes and sizes access the funds they need, at the time they need them. This may mean cash flow to meet payroll deadlines, expand or just day by day working capital.

We're here to cheer you on towards your business goals, with the finance you need to achieve them.

Our values.

The team at Penny brings together individual strengths, skills and experience to enable us to deliver the best experience for our customers. But beyond that, we know the world of money can be frustrating and confusing. We've all been there, having to deal with banks or financial services providers!

We're all human, therefore we're committed to acting with honesty, trust and transparency in everything we do.



Without the trust of our clients and team we have nothing to build on.



It's all about people, and people are more important than business.



If we can do something, awesome, if we can't we just shoot straight and tell you.

We believe in being clear and open with our clients, partners and team.