Funding. Unlimited.

Open a cash advance account and instantly withdraw from £500 to £5,000,000.

Business finance you can trust.

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Superfast.  Super simple. 

Activate your account in less than 10 minutes  and withdraw money by exchanging unpaid  invoices for instant funds.

No credit checks. No personal guarantees.

   Withdraw 100% of your money in an average of just 12 hours

Smart, Easy, Fast.

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Low cost  repeat funding.

Penny is a flexible, low cost cash flow solution for businesses. We don't charge any interest, set up or monthly fee's but we do deduct an admin fee when you withdraw from your funding facility.

Fee's start from just 1%, fees may vary based on the risk of the client your invoicing and invoice term.  Fee's are shown clearly before you make a withdrawal and there is no commitment to proceed.

Use more.
Reward more.

Think of it like an unlimited overdraft that automatically manages your invoice admin.

The more you use Penny to accelerate your cash flow the more rewards are applied to your account**.  

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Client Testimonial

Amma Sohil

A class product, it's so simple.


4.89 / 5 Rating

Security  built in.

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David Taylor

Very helpful and straight to the point.

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Frederick H

Nice interface and easy to create invoices, clear communication of payments.

Over 10,000 businesses trust Penny with their  flexible cash flow funding needs.

Our unique technology verifies all transactions  making sure your hard earned money is with  you quickly and securely.


Real humans.

Our awesome team of experts are on hand to help you every step of the way.


Frequently asked questions.