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Upload invoice, download money


No interest fees or monthly subscription, just a pay as you go withdrawal fee starting from just 1%.

When your client settles the invoice we get repaid.

Zero risk, hero speed.

Activate an account in less that 2 minutes and start getting invoices paid in hours.

No credit checks
No personal guarantees
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The more you use the cheaper it gets.

Over 93% of Penny users have invoices paid in under 3 hours.

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Your money, guaranteed.

Penny deals with all the admin for you, if your client doesn't pay on time we'll never ask you for the money back***

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Money on demand.

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Paid in hours, not weeks.

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Ready, set, grow.

Get paid faster and spend more time on more important things, like growing your business and winning more clients.

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Frequently asked questions 

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